Courses of Study

  • Ages 0-3: A nursery is provided.
  • PreK through 2nd grade: A mixture of academics and group experiences are offered. Children participate in hands-on science labs, music appreciation, introductory art skills, story time, and gym time.
  • 3rd through 6th grade: Academic offerings and expectations are increased, and some courses have regular homework. Students participate in hands-on science lab, geography, the study of Greek and Latin root words, writing, pre-logic (thinking puzzles), art, and gym. There is regular homework in most classes and the students in 5th - 6th grade receive grades.
  • 7th & 8th grades: Core courses that are difficult to provide at home are offered. Students participate in public speaking, Grammar, Introduction to Literature, logic, writing (paragraphs, outlining, and essays), and science labs. There is regular homework in every class and the students receive grades.
  • 9th through 12th grades: High School courses are on an elective basis, so the students choose the classes that best fit their needs. The core courses are Lab Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Biology), English (literature/writing/rhetoric), Math (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Advanced Math) and Formal Logic. Students can also choose various electives to “fill out” their credit requirements, such as Bible/Philosophy (Biblical Worldview, OT Survey), Art History, Government, Bill of Rights study and Study skills. Other courses are offered as the need arises. All courses require significant daily homework, and the students receive grades.

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